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Justin Morgan

The Little Horse That Built Vermont

Here at Iron Horse Farm, we breed old type Lippitt Morgans, remaining true to the orginal breed standard. As a founding member of the Lippitt Morgan Breeders Association, our Standard of Excellence is an effort to depict the type of which the orginal Morgan horse fixed as America’s first continuing breed and the only breed which descends from a single animal. Ideally, the conformation and way of going of Justin Morgan is our Standard of Excellence. The Standard does not recofnize any improvement of type from the original, especially by the introduction of alien blood, but does recognize the goal of perfecting or improving the members of a breed within their type. The Standard of Excellence for the Lippitt Morgan is taken from several historic documents, sich as Linsley’s Monograph of 1857, Morgan Horses, the New England Journal, The American Stock Journal, and later on the Middlebury Register.


“In conclusion I would say that I have no quarrel with the men who want to breed sixteen hand Morgans, twelve hundred pound Morgans, Forest King Morgans or two minute Morgans. Their ambitions do not interest me, but I have no objection to them. They have at the foundation of their structures some Morgan blood which they value. The time may come when they need more foundation of the same kind. They will not get it from the one-thirty-second or the one-sixty-fourth Morgan. They will want it as strong and pure as it can be found and in an animal of the normal, natural, Morgan type. I hope that the members of this club will always own horses that will be able to supply that want.” Taken from the Address of H.S. Wardner, President of The Morgan Horse Club, delivered at the Annual Meeting of the club on the grounds of the Vermont State Fair, September 21, 1911. 

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